history of south kalimantan | sejarah kalimantan selatan

South Kalimantan is the origin of Austronesian peoples who arrived in Madagascar between the 3rd and 10th century, and are most closely related to Dayaks living near the Barito River. Current day peoples of Madagascar largely have origins from this region.

Right after Indonesia's proclamation of independence (August 17, 1945), the government under Soekarno and Hatta appointed Ir. H. Pangeran Muhammad Noor as the governor of the whole Kalimantan on August 18, 1945. The capital was Banjarmasin. Later on, it was decided to divide the area into several provinces. On December 7, 1956, the province of South Kalimantan was formed out of these areas: Kotawaringin, Dayak Besar (Great Dayak), Daerah Banjar (Banjar Area), and the Federation of Southeast Kalimantan. Later on, Pasir (a part of Southeast Kalimantan Federation) was integrated to the province of East Kalimantan instead. Furthermore, on 23rd of May 1957, Kotawaringin and Dayak Besar removed themselves from South Kalimantan to form their own province, Central Kalimantan.


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