I dont miss my old life, i dont miss them, i just missin how i can life with big smile, i know i cant repeat the time, and i know they arent in a same way with me. We are diferrent so different, i was so close with em but i didnt think that i was closing the world door. I trapped there, i didnt know what i must to do, i just can laugh, knew about hot issue, gossiping someone, or about something expensive lessfunction they want. Well i never never wanna that accident come to my life, by after that accident i know that she is not ny best friend but she is so bad friend, just like a fox. She is so damn hate me.

But im so thankful about that accident, know my world door is opening for me, i can free like a bird and flying to anywhere i want to go.

I can know more about my nu buddy, they are so cute. Im so sorry if i hurting you all, maybe someone who have a sensitive feel

yep, i know that you all is iklhas to loving me, to having me to be a part of ur life, you all never talked about expensive thing, money, or rich people, but u r talked how to have much money, can buy expensive things, and be a rich woman. U are so awesome. Very independent and i learned much lesson from you all. About life and much much much. I cant explain all here

thanks to be a listener when i cried and down. Thanks for ur hug when i felt so sad.

Hem i dont know why i write my this posting. I just wanna share my mind, and i know its so random, im little not understand about this, maybe causing im so drowsy

thankyou if you wanna read this post, love XoXo

too late night

udah ga tau lagi nih englishnya bener kagak, udah 5watt matanya :p

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