Banjarmasin Tourism

Floating Market (Pasar terapung)

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tour through the Barito river or stream Martapura can use a motor boat which is called the "klotok". To travel a distance can use speedboat.Jarak 1 hour drive from the city rose klotok (water boat) and 15 minutes by ground vehicles. In these objects can be seen Banjar culture that sells vegetables and pastries, food and beverage, and household use everyday on the boat, and buyers can purchase from the boat as well, or from small docks at homes population. This market is held from 05:00 hours to 07:00 hours in the morning.

Water Tour (Wisata Air)

Banjarmasin the capital of the province, is a center for trade and tourism. Banjarmasin fed by several rivers and also the location of the land who were minus several centimeters from the surface tides, so dubbed as the city water. The river itself is a means of transportation and community needs of everyday life. Transportation via river or water is the main transportation. There are some local people even build a house on the river commonly called the "Lanting". The house was built overlooking the River. The river becomes very important for business and economic activity ..

Island Flower (Pulau Kembang)

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Not far from the floating market there is a small island inhabited by tame monkeys which according to legend Tianghoa people are often religious visit, carrying food in the form of banana and beans, supposedly she said if someone came to the island and dirubung by apes will undoubtedly get much luck but if the monkeys on the island ran into the forest on the person will recede sustenance.



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