Indonesian Paradise at South Kalimantan (Kotabaru Regency)

Let's look at some of the beauty that exists in Indonesia, one in South Kalimantan Province, and this time I will promote the beauty of Indonesia in Kotabaru Regency :)

Sunset Pantai Gedambaan
Gedambaan Beach Sunset

This beach is a very beautiful beach and is a pride for the community Kotabaru. The beach is constantly being developed and continues pasilitasnya added. In 2006 built a swimming pool in the area around the beach. The beach is always crowded, especially on Saturday and Sunday.

Coral Bay Tamiyang

Terumbu Karang

One of the interesting natural beauty is a cluster of coral reef area in the Gulf of Tamiyang in the region of Western Sea Island District. Authenticity of untouched coral reefs are increasingly attractive because of the clarity of the sea water in these daereh. This area can be reached by land route and then continue with the use of small motor boats, all of which have a range of more or less about 4 km from the capital city Kotabaru District. Thus the natural potency of this beautiful part dianngap many people are not less good with coral reefs in the tourist area of Bunaken Marine Park is located in the area of North Sulawesi.


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